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April 1, 2023

Third Round Interview with Patrick Rodgers

Q. Patrick, what are some of your general feelings on the round today?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, it was part of the patience that I had. I felt like I drove it really well to put myself in good positions to score. I didn't quite take advantage the way that I had in the previous rounds, a little sloppy with the wedge play, a little sloppy on the greens, but I knew there was a long way to go heading into today and part of being patient and hanging in there and giving myself a nice opportunity tomorrow.

Q. What is the mindset like as you head into the final round with the lead?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, it's the same, it's going to require good golf. There's a lot of guys chasing and great players out here. Obviously there's no better place to be than to have an advantage, but it's going to take a great round in order to get it done.

Q. Do any pressure or nerves come with that from your perspective?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, of course. I think we all know what's at stake with a win out here. I haven't gotten the job done in my career, but it's quite a thrill. This is why I play, why I compete and I can't wait to get out there tomorrow.

Q. You seem to have a very positive mindset about chasing the first win where other people let it kind of hang over them. How do you sort of put that in perspective?

PATRICK RODGERS: I have an amazing wife who helps kind of navigate the ups and the downs of the game. It's a very challenging job at times, but I've always wanted to compete, I feel like I was born to compete. Yeah, it's why I play, to give myself chances like this.

Q. In what ways are you better prepared now as a 30-year-old versus the young hotshot 21-year-old coming out of Stanford?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, exactly. I'm definitely more prepared. I think I just have that overhead perspective. I don't feel like whether I win tomorrow or if I don't, I don't feel like my life is going to change a whole lot. I feel like definitely in the past everything has felt like it's riding on how I play. So like I said, I just view tomorrow with a lot of excitement. I can't wait to get out there and experience it. Yeah, it's a great opportunity.

Q. Talked to Conrad this morning, they're playing the Wally Goodwin today, which is something you won. He thinks the close calls that you've had have prepared you for a moment like tomorrow. What perspective do you have from your Stanford days even to know that the campus is still supporting you?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, I may not have gotten it done as a professional on the PGA TOUR, but I certainly closed out my fair share of golf tournaments. Doesn't matter how long ago it was, I'll try to build off that. Have some great memories on the farm with Conrad helping me down the stretch.