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April 1, 2023

Third Round Interview with Matt Kuchar

Q. Matt, a little disappointing there on the last but still a good day with a 69. If we can get some comments.

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, this was definitely my best day ball-striking by a long shot, was playing some good golf. This is a tough golf course, one that it's easy to go wayward, easy to make some big numbers. It's a course I have a huge amount of respect for. It is a tough, demanding golf course and I paid the price with a poor tee shot on the last. But all in all, listen, it was a good day of golf out there.

Q. I know a little bit of separation with Patrick right now, but you're still right there in the hunt. Just talk a little bit about your mindset going into the last round.

MATT KUCHAR: I always do my best not to pay attention to what other people do. I know where I stand and I know what this golf course -- what sort of test this golf course is. The goal is to go play some steady golf out there, hopefully see some birdies go in. But it's a fun position to be in. Having a chance to win on Sunday, that's when golf gets really exciting.