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April 2, 2023

Quick Quotes with Corey Conners

Q. I thought you really played like a veteran the entire day. Bogey free, the only greens you missed were on the fringes. Just really I thought you were in control of both your emotions mentally, physically. You played like a champion.

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, I've drawn from some of the experience I had here and really happy with the way that I hit the ball and got myself in position. Drove it great, hit a lot of really good iron shots. Yeah, just kept things simple, felt relaxed. It was certainly challenging and a battle out there, but just an amazing day and can't believe it. It's a relief that it's over.

Q. You really didn't make a mistake to let other people back in the tournament. Lots of shots take place during the course of the week, but tell me about the chip-in birdie at 9 and then the other birdie long distance on 15.

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, 9 was great. Getting the speed right on these greens was tricky, had to really play the wind. Kind of had a putt that could get away from you on 9, but it was back into the wind and tried to be really aggressive. Thought I smoked it at first and it just kind of dribbled in.

Same thing on 15, it was another downhill quicker putt, didn't have much break to either of them. Felt like I was seeing the lines really well and it was just a matter of getting it to the hole and I was able to do that on 15 as well.

Q. You stood back in the fairway on 18, you knew what the situation was, you saw Sam miss his birdie putt to get to 15?

COREY CONNERS: I did, yeah. Yeah, I wasn't sure until that moment where he was at to be honest, I was just trying to focus on my game and just do what I can do. Hit a great drive down there and I saw the crowd reaction when he missed and obviously gave me a bit of a cushion.

Q. Actuarial science major, at the start of the week, what percentage would you have given Corey Conners in winning?

COREY CONNERS: You know, probably not very likely. I felt great about my game, but it's so difficult to win on the PGA TOUR. Feel like I've been working really hard and haven't been able to get it done for the last four years, but it sure feels sweet and I definitely love Texas.