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April 1, 2023

Third Round Interview with Byeong Hun An

Q. Ben, got off to a nice start and then a nice finish for 68. If we can get some comments on your round.

BYEONG HUN AN: Overall it was good. I had a lot of birdies, had a lot of bogeys. It got pretty gusty out there at a few points, but overall I think it was good. I hit a lot of good shots and I could have made more putts, but it was an eventful day, I think. I made a lot of birdies and bogeys.

Q. Were the conditions about the same as the other two days or a good bit different?

BYEONG HUN AN: Completely different. The first day was foggy and chillier and misty. Yesterday was pretty calm, I'd say yesterday afternoon was really nice. It was hot, but at least it was calm. Today it was a little breezy but not too bad, not too bad as the first round, I think.

Condition-wise, greens are still pretty slow, greens are still not as firm as what was expected. Overall I think the course is playing similar. You don't see any low scores today and you're not going to see like terrible scores today.

Q. You're currently tied for third and four back. I know a lot of golf still to be played this afternoon, but what will your mindset be tomorrow?

BYEONG HUN AN: Go out and do the same as today. I hit it pretty good and I'm hitting it good this week, just needed to hole some putts. And today was kind of almost a perfect day, I think. Made a lot of putts, but I still missed a lot of putts here and there. So tomorrow hopefully I can put everything all together and might be up there.