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March 29, 2014

Interview With Andrew Loupe

ANDREW LOUPE: Played great today. Played pretty good golf out there. The greens are not getting any softer. I don't like 3-putting the last ever, but I'm in good position.

Q. How do you feel being in contention, you got a decent shot at your first win?

ANDREW LOUPE: I'm excited about it. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Three shots back.

Q. What kind of things do to you need to improve on to get over that hump?

ANDREW LOUPE: You know, I think I just need to tee it up again tomorrow. I think I'm doing fine. Sometimes things come together: When it doesn't, you're able to shoot 2-under, you're doing all right.

Q. The guys on NBC were giving you a hard time on backing off, taking some extra swings. Is that normal? Were you a little bit nervous today?

ANDREW LOUPE: Maybe a little bit. Playing a little slower right now. We're on the 18th tee and they're still on the 18th green. You hurry up and wait if you want but I'm really -- I don't care.

Q. No apologies.

ANDREW LOUPE: No. I'm really playing golf.

Q. How about having your girlfriend and support?

ANDREW LOUPE: That's great. I love having support from home. The more support the better, you know. I got a few of my good buddies who drove in.

Q. You win this you'll be known for something more than the iguana.

ANDREW LOUPE: Yeah. Yeah. One way ticket to the Masters would be nice.

Q. You're taking in it stride. You're a little bit nervous but --

ANDREW LOUPE: If you're not nervous, I don't know if you have a pulse. You're going to have a little bit of nerves out there. It's a PGA TOUR event.

Q. Did you play golf with John Peterson?

ANDREW LOUPE: I sure did.

Q. Did y'all play I guess mini tours together?

ANDREW LOUPE: He didn't play any mini tours. Waited out the Walker's team and played his way home for the U.S. Open.

Q. I believe, did y'all like room together?

ANDREW LOUPE: We did for three years.

Q. Who has got more stories, you on him or him on you?

ANDREW LOUPE: I got more on him.

Q. You got a tough situation with your 9?

ANDREW LOUPE: I broke my 9-iron. Have to call in for another one. Kind of had to gimp around with 9-iron.

Q. How did you break it, on the rock?

ANDREW LOUPE: Yeah. I knew it was going to happen. Hit a rock right in front of the ball.

Q. You held it together very, very well for your first time in contention in a PGA TOUR event.

ANDREW LOUPE: Thank you. Yes, I thought I did pretty good. I hit a couple loose shots that I wanted back but I thought I rolled it pretty well, didn't quite fall today but I got a couple of them and keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. Were you able to stay focused out there, because to me it looked like you were very much into the round, not distracted by all the cameras, all the media, all the fans out there.

ANDREW LOUPE: I thought I did a pretty good job of staying in the present. You know, one task at a time. Overall, I thought I hung in there, battled. I'm three shots back. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. I know you wish you made that last putt to be in the final group. Did that putt make a difference to you?

ANDREW LOUPE: One shot difference. Still got a chance. Three back. Well within striking distance.