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April 1, 2021

First Round Interview with Seung-Yul Noh

Q. Seung-Yul, I know you had a challenging start to this season. How encouraging was today's round for you?

SEUNG-YUL NOH: You know, after the military service, since last 16 months, almost 16 months when I'm done, I really struggled when I came back on Tour. Still struggle when start off the season, but finally playing really well today. I know it's just first day, but still playing really good today. And then especially playing with KJ today, KJ Choi. Then back in the day like in Pebble, we both missed cut in Pebble and then we practicing on the weekend, last weekend two days. We talking a lot and then practice a lot. Then he told me trying to do this, this, this, these things. Going maybe better since Pebble and then finally worked today.

Q. The mandatory military service that you had and then COVID put a stop to a lot of your season.


Q. You had to have a lot more patience than most. What has been the thing that has gotten you through all of that waiting time?

SEUNG-YUL NOH: COVID things is really bad situation in the world, but not except for me because when I came back in January last year, I really struggling my golf game, not even close in cut line. But after the COVID situation, I had like two, three months' break time and then I had another time because practicing a lot and then game's little improving. But looks like, seems like little better, but it's going down again.

Q. Well, it seems like today it was going up.

SEUNG-YUL NOH: Yes, a lot better today.

Q. Yes. So what was it about today that did click and go so well?

SEUNG-YUL NOH: Again, I talked to KJ in Pebble and then I changing little ball flight and then shape. I used to right-to-left draw shot mostly and then right now hitting a left-to-right, totally opposite. But since two months, it's pretty used to my eye right now and then really feel really comfortable with the left-to-right shape. And then putting's also pretty good today.

Q. What did KJ tell you and how important is it to have somebody like that on Tour?

SEUNG-YUL NOH: Doesn't matter left-to-right shape or right-to-left, but he's saying if looking for more great future or going like better player, you should have try like this, this, like technically or mentally. So, you know, mentally it's like all personality, so just technique. I just trust KJ because when he playing good, he just play like that. So I just follow KJ, like trying to same pretty close the game as KJ. So I trust him and I changing little bit and then just keep practicing, keep going, but I feel pretty comfortable right now.