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April 2, 2021

Second Round Interview with Mac Meissner

Q. Mac, like I said, just wanted to get a couple comments about your first start on the PGA TOUR, your first impressions, that kind of thing, and how the last couple days went for you.

MAC MEISSNER: Yeah, I mean, it was a blast. I obviously didn't have my best golf out there, but, you know, it was so great to be able to compete against these guys at the highest level. It was my first PGA TOUR tournament and, although it wasn't my best golf, you know, I actually learned a lot about my game and where I can get better if I want to succeed at this level.

Q. What are you most confident with with your game right now, do you feel like?

MAC MEISSNER: I mean, my irons and wedges are really good. They were pretty good this week. I just really struggled off the tee. This course, if you're not hitting it straight, it penalizes you totally. So just wasn't really in play enough to make enough birdies out there unfortunately. Putting's getting better and I'm excited about that. Putting under pressure, I think I did a pretty good job as nervous as I was.

Q. Last question. Joseph Bramlett and Rob, both nice guys. Did that kind of help calm the nerves a little bit being paired with two nice guys like that?

MAC MEISSNER: Yeah, for sure. They were really nice and supportive and helpful, so that was nice the first day to be able to have them kind of talking with me and chatting with me, lightening the nerves a little bit, because I definitely was pretty terrified out there on the first couple holes. Yeah, it was a blast.

Q. So, what's next for you?

MAC MEISSNER: Got a couple weeks off luckily. I've played like five tournaments in the last six weeks or something, so it's been a lot. We've got about two weeks off until we go over to conference and start our postseason run, so hopefully we can go ahead and make it to National Championship.