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April 3, 2021

Third Round Interview with Jimmy Walker

Q. Jimmy, 2 under today. Just a few comments on what you felt like was going right for you today.

JIMMY WALKER: Well, we were first off and the guys that played super early got obviously the worst of it. The wind's kind of laid down, so it played pretty tough when we played. Chris shot 5 under, which I think is really, really stout, especially with the way the wind was blowing. He hit 5-wood into 10. I don't think those guys are probably hitting 5-wood into 10 right now. Just made some good putts today and just kept the ball in the short grass. That was key. It's always key around this place.

Q. Coming into the week, has there been anything about your game that you've been feeling a little bit more confident with than usual?

JIMMY WALKER: We've just been trying to be a little bit more visual and concrete about what shots we're playing. Maybe just hold myself more accountable, saying it out loud so everybody can hear and really focusing in on what's going on. Hard to say. Like I feel like things are close and just, you know, this is a hard golf course. So to be where we're at through three rounds, birdieing the last three holes last night was big. You know, looking to take a lot of positives out of this week into next week and continuing forward.

Q. And then last thing, did the weather -- did the water do much -- I'm sure it lengthened the course a little bit, but did the weather delay do much?

JIMMY WALKER: No, I don't think. The golf course was in pretty good shape. The greens were pretty firm, so I think a lot of the guys probably wouldn't have minded it softening up a little bit. So the rain didn't do much.