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April 2, 2021

Second Round Interview with Cameron Tringale

Q. Cameron, 9 under going into the weekend. I know that bogey at the last probably wasn't the way that you wanted to finish up the round, but all in all, an amazing day. What is your takeaway?

CAMERON TRINGALE: My takeaway was that it was a good day. I made a lot of birdies and took advantage of my -- when I was in the fairway, I took advantage most of the time. Except for the last hole, I kept it in play and just had a lot of looks and a few went in.

Q. Speaking of a lot of birdies, you had five birdies in a row, 13 to 17, I believe. What was clicking during that stretch of golf and were you aware that something special was happening?

CAMERON TRINGALE: I knew I made a nice birdie on 13, a tough par 3. But then 14 was pretty easy, easy hole today. Then I just hit a lot of really good iron shots to those holes. I think my furthest putt was four feet after 13, so just good approaches to the green. Still gotta roll those in, but was able to do it.

Q. When that stretch of golf is happening, what's going through your mind? Are you trying to -- are you saying, okay, let's go get another one and another one or --

CAMERON TRINGALE: I was 2 over through two, so I was really just trying to get back into the round and get into the red numbers again. I think when those things start to happen, you're just kind of focused on where you're at. But then I looked back and I thought, wow, that was five in a row and I didn't even birdie 18, which is probably the easiest of all of them.

Q. As you look back at the round, what do you want to improve going into the weekend?

CAMERON TRINGALE: I'd like to hit a few more fairways. My driver was just kind of leaking left, or not fading back. Hit a few extra drives tomorrow. But other than that, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.