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March 30, 2023

First Round Interview with Matt Kuchar

Q. Congrats on a great round. What is it about this place? You clearly like playing here.

MATT KUCHAR: It's a tough golf course, but I do like it. I think there's a big effort to just find fairways out here. I've always thought I could find fairways, even though today I had a couple waywards. For the most part you've really got to hit every shot is tested here. If you start playing some indifferent golf, this course can really jump up and bite you. I was lucky to get away with a couple loose ones today, but for the most part games on some pretty good form and I enjoy this golf course a lot.

Q. When you find a place like this and you've got your strategy, like 18 you kind of knew, look, I'm going in 3, and on 5 you drive and a couple other guys were playing other things, is it something where once you get that set strategy, it's just comforting to know, hey, I know what I need to do to make a good number on this golf course?

MATT KUCHAR: Golf I think is ever evolving. I think you tee off on the first with the hope of finding the first fairways and go from there. On the fifth, the way that wind was blowing, the way I felt over the ball with the driver, I thought driver was the play. I missed the fairway, that may not have been the play, but yeah, had I not been driving the ball well, I think you constantly adapt strategy. I think that one could have been easily a 3-wood or hybrid if I wasn't feeling quite as good with a driver. But this course has been good to me over the years. I certainly have a comfort level, but I also know, I mean, I could easily pack up tomorrow afternoon just as easily as anyone.

Q. I know we're getting way ahead of ourself, but what would it be like to win this thing and get another trip to the Masters?

MATT KUCHAR: You've gotten way ahead of yourself, yes.

Q. What would it be like if it did happen?

MATT KUCHAR: That's too far ahead for me to worry about.